Just the Tip

It wants in…it really does.

For now, though, it is a tool to tease and torture her…in a good way.

She knows about the tongue that laps at her and the fingers that probe into her…but what of the cock? My most sensitive of places with all the nerve endings in the tip that drive more male fantasies than could be described in decades…


Tonight she will be tortured by that.

Sliding the length of the erection along her pussy lips just to get it wet from her…then allowing the tip to just play with her clitoris. To drive her back to arch…her hips to roll…but allowing for no penetration until she is whimpering and begging for it.

To play and stop. Play more and then be pulled away. Play just at the folds of her pussy lips…threaten to enter her…and then vanish.

Edging her closer and closer to that stronger orgasm.

Only allowing her to get closer without crossing that threshold yet. Driving up her ultimate pleasure when it happens until her lungs cannot hold enough air for the pleasures she receives.

Until it drags the soprano notes from her and her body is wracked with the ultimate orgasm…the one that legends are built upon…the one that she will shiver at the very memory of…

Then…only then…after her climax is on the down side of Everest…does the cock dive in to bring her the aftershocks.

Good morning.


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