Steel Ropes

He spread apart her legs and smiled.  A twinkle in his blue eyes as he caught sight of his prize.  He lowered his head in to get the scent first and then flicked his tongue out to taste her.

She shivered and squirmed from the tickle of his stubble on her thighs.  “You are too kind.”  Her voice was a cooing bird between sighs and moans.

The old man grinned and began to gorge himself upon her.  Tongue covered in her juices as it probed deeper and was joined by fingers searching into her folds to find more pleasure for her.  His erection grew jealous between his legs as it’s demands hardened into pure lust for the woman he feasted upon.  “Jocelyn, you are my nourishment.”

Her red hair spread across the pillow like a fan.  Breath escaped her chest in near convulsions as with back arched her hips pushed further onto her face.  “Mr. Haynes, such warmth…oh fuck…right there.”  Each wrist and ankle was bound in carbon-steel cuffs…each cuff, in turn, was attached by a long chain that went beneath the bed she lay upon.  The blindfold covering her eyes matched the collar around her throat.  She strained against her bindings, which did not forgive and began to leave marks she would need to cover before her students arrived for tomorrow’s school day.

“The name is Henry, if you don’t mind,” he said before drinking more from her lips.  He was up on his elbows and knees and driving his face into her with the assistance of his fingers in spreading her lips.  His hair was white, and there was more in the stubble on his face than on the fringe around his balding head.  Most would refer to him as a silver fox as he preyed upon this young teacher.

…his feast…

…his submissive…

A screaming orgasm by her, it signaled that he had finally finished his eating.  With a want to warm his obviously cold erection, he raised himself up between her legs so his torso was on top of hers and the tip of his penis dipped where his tongue had tasted.

First thrust pushed all her breath from her in a gasp that a banshee would have applauded.  Such pleasure moaned through her body that it roared from her lips as the penis of her lover began to pound as though it were a jack hammer.  Tilting her hips upward, her thighs took every slap of his hips into her.

Propping up on his knees, a hand grasped each of her ass cheeks and lifted her to arch her back and allow a straight entrance for him into this gorgeous young body.  His thrusts growing stronger until he neared his climax…he also pounded another from her.

Gasping for breath, her smile told all.

He released his penis from between her legs…pushed her down flat on the bed and straddled her chest, his erection between her bare breasts just in time to spray her face and neck with his cum.

Jocelyn opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in an attempt to capture a taste of the warm semen that showered her.  She giggled at the feeling of it on her face and chin.

Using a single finger, Henry took some of the white from her neck and lay it upon her tongue.

“Thank you, sir.”

He lifted upright upon his knees just far enough so the tip of his fading erection would reach her lips.

Without instruction, she kissed it and then sucked it into her mouth.

“No,” he gasped.  “Thank you.”

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