Flogger and Flesh

Flesh turned burgundy with flogger’s caress. It was both in thanks and a demand for more.  A need for more.

Flogger obliged, caressing again with streaks of leather waving through the air as it flew. It contacted the flesh with violence first followed by the comfort of heat.

Flesh beamed with pleasure and stretched out in anticipation and still want of more. This time it wanted limits pushed beyond any reached before.

…green…please continue…

Flogger came harder this time, first causing flesh to scream out before the heat.

Master’s hand stroked lightly to add more soothing warmth.

Hand gone, flogger struck again. Hard…

Flesh had a voice…a scream…

Master’s hand returned.

…yellow.  Just a moment…now continue…

Flesh was not ready to stop, though.

Hand gone, flogger struck and left a future bruise…a badge of pleasure…that hand once more caressed to calm.

Hand gone and flogger struck the hardest it ever had.

Another scream followed by near surrendering moan as subspace was achieved.

…orange.  Hold on here…um…wait…ah…okay, please continue…

Hand lingered this time. It waited, keeping flogger at bay as this was the furthest flesh had taken before.

This time, still, flesh pushed onward.

Flogger struck.

Flesh screamed out.


Flesh surrendered.

Hand caressed…hand soothed…the assault was over.  Master is here…

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