Photo by Kashif Haque“Those must hurt when you kick someone.”

“Who would I kick?” she asked in a mock whine.

“Banging a bouncer seems redundant.  Wouldn’t kicking one be more…”

“You think I came intending to bang a bouncer?”

He shrugged his massive shoulders and raised his eyebrows.

“Why does this feel like the old Seinfeld argument about salsa and seltzer?”

“I never watched Seinfeld.”

“Regardless, you wish.”  She settled her head back against the vehicle head rest.  “I came here looking for Jim, you know this.”

“Of course…and now your banging a bouncer,” he said and thrust his massive hips between hers again.  “Did I mention how we need to find a better place than your car next time.”

“Yes, you may have said that the last five times.”

“And I love your shoes.”

“I think you’ve said that, too.”

“Shoes are a huge turn on.”

Due to his size, she was unable to wrap her legs around him, but just spread.  However, she was able to curl her legs around his and dig the stiletto heels into his thighs.

“Owww, what the hell?”

“Will you just shut up and fuck me.  I need to get home before Tom arrives, he’s bringing pizza.”

He grunted.  For a few moments he thrust in silence until, it seemed, the big man’s brain could no longer hold in a monumental thought…”Pizza sounds good.”

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