photo by Bernt RostadThe clouded sky dropped its load upon the alleyway. Drips dancing upon asphalt and finding the path to the underground and thunder roared its approval from above.

Outside the alley, cars splashed by at unsafe speeds in search of their final destinations.

Birds had given way with the heavy downpour to find dryer, safer places…at least those that were still here and had not already made the trek south for the coming winter.

The chill offered visible breath of the walkers that passed the alley mouth hurriedly. Even with umbrellas there was no protection from the cold, so they all hurried.

In the alley, however, under an awning that protected from the wet, the couple protected themselves from the cold in their embrace.

Her skirt raised and his pants down to thighs…her legs wrapped around his waist and she leaned back on wooden crates to help support her otherwise suspended weight.

His erection thrust into her, pushing a scream from get each time that was camouflaged by the pouring rain. The couple moved with the beat of the falling rain and began to lose some balance as drunken orgasms began to rear.

She came first, with a scream above the rain and digging her fingernails into his ass…leaving marks that she had been there. He came second with a quieter grunt and shudder. Biting down on her shoulder and leaving his own marks.

They stopped…both breathing hard…both spent.

Then they separated as he pulled out. Both went to straightening clothes and brushing off whatever wrinkles their activities had caused.

She looked up at the rain from under the awning and smiled before turning her gaze onto her lover.

He winked and smiled as well. “I’m going to have to explain these scratches,” he said.

Her smile turned sly. “I know.” Picking up get purse that had been dropped beneath them, she turned to go back into the back door of the pub that they had coffee from? “Same time next week?”

He nodded.

She vanished inside.


Two hours later…

“Mark? Where did you get those scratches?” Margaret was in bed, book in hand but currently looking at his naked scratched ass.

Mark sighed. “I’m having an affair.”

She closed her book with a snap and her eyes searched the brown duvet civet in the orange of the bed side lamp. “Why?”

He shrugged. “I’ve no excuse.”

“Is she cute?”

He laughed. “And where did you get that?” he asked and pointers at the bite mark on her shoulder.

She grinned. “Someone I met in the rain.”

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