by Maria Georgieva“Do Not Put Garbage Here,” was scrawled on the fence in white paint that nearly flowed in the evening’s darkness.

She thought it seemed funny that he had picked this location for her to kneel. A park she had expected, but not a dark alley.

Then he had pulled it out.

She stared at it.

It just stood there with a slight pulse to it.  Hard, yes, but it moved with a slight ebb and flow of pulse and strength.

She spread open the fly of the blue jeans for a better inspection and her green eyes searched its entire length from tip to base and even the sacks that dangled from it.  With his hand on the back of her blonde head, she allowed him to pull her closer to it…so close that she could smell the light scent of sweat and salt.

The breeze picked up and trees overhead rustled to remind them of their presence in the darkness.  Footsteps could be heard nearby along the path that was only a few paces from them and out of the bushes.

A thought of getting caught caused her heartbeat to quicken and skip.  With a grin, her tongue slipped from between her dark red-painted lips and flicked at it.  She confirmed the salty taste first at the base and running it asking the length to the tip.

He groaned at the enjoyed feeling.

She pushed beneath it, allowing it to flop on her forehead as her tongue licked the two sacks beneath.

He almost lost his balance.

She pulled back and smiled with the knowledge of the power she had over him. Her hands reached up and grasped it. Right took the length and lightly stroked and left took the sack and lightly squeezed. She pulled it right against her cheek and looked up into his eyes.

“Do it,” he whispered.

She resisted.

The hand at the back of her head released just long enough to tug her leash.

Her love of feeling her collar tugged brought about a wide smile.

“Do it.” His hand returned to the back of her head and reinforced his words.

She turned her head so the smile was micrometers from the length she still stroked. Her mouth opened and teeth bared…she bit the shaft, lightly at first before pinching the loose skin between her teeth more tightly.

He groaned openly.

Her lips parted further, taking the entire shaft between her teeth and softly biting down. Keeping her teeth just tight enough to mark him, she dragged it from base to tip…finally turning and squeezing the fleshy head tightly, bringing a yelp from him.

He grinned at her. “Open.”

She did.

He pushed his entire length into her mouth. The first entrance was slow, but he began to thrust fast, hard and deep.

Gagging noises escaped her throat, but she did not wince. Her mascara began to run as tears protested the face fuck.

Harder yet…faster yet…

She felt him tense and stop at the deepest point. She fought off the gag and accepted the warm liquid that the erection spat into her mouth. Some went straight down her throat, but she got just enough of the gorgeous bitter taste in get tongue.

He released her head and slumped back against the fence that still instructed on garbage placement. The leash fell and hit the ground.

Standing, her black skirt fell and covered her dirty knees and she quickly brushed the creases out. She incurred the leash from her collar. Her black clutch purse produced a few wet wipes to deal with the mascara, and then a stick of gum before the leash was folded up and disappeared inside. The gum was unwrapped, put in her mouth, and the wrapper was tossed at the fence.

Now flaccid erection still dangling out in front of him. He bent forward and rested with hands on his knees. “Can we go some place?”

She grinned, but gave no answer. Her heels clicked on the asphalt as she turned to step away from their hiding place.

“A name? Can I at least get a name and number?”

She reached back and gave his flaccid member one final squeeze. “No.” Her heels clicked away as she vanished into the darkness.



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