New World Man

harley-davidson-164152_640“You can’t be serious?” Hemlock looked up at her.

“It’s a Harley.” She flipped her hair and caught just a glint of shine from the sun. The skirt of her light blue suit went just past her knees and the white blouse made certain to hide anything sensual from view.

“So the logo says, but when did they start making electric?”

“It’s new. Not sure when they actually started, but this would be the first one we sell.”

Hemlock stood up to his full height. From his peripheral he watched as the sales woman backed away from him in awe. He, at least, assumed it was awe…hoped it was awe and not fear. “But what about that sound that the Hogs are known for?”


His eyes wandered over to her and walked from her stiletto heels to the strands of brunette on her head. “What about the vibrations?”

“This one has a new sound.” With a click of heels she stepped forward and turned it on.

No sound.

A quick twist of the gas brought a grin to her face.

The sound reminded Hemlock of what Vipers sounded like in Battlestar Galactica’s first incarnation. It reminded him of a space fighter engine and the grin was something he could not suppress. “Fucking, wow. I’m sorry…just wow.” He held a hand out flat with the other over his lips.

“You’re not the first to say that.

“So how do we do a test drive? I’m used to cars where the sales rep wants to ride along and explain things.”

“You can do a test drive.”

He grinned. “What if I want an over night test drive?”

She blushed.

Two days later…

“What do you mean, you bought a Harley?” Barker’s voice seemed annoyed, but over the phone it was hard to tell.

“Yeah, an electric one.”

“An electric…wait…an electric Harley?”

“Yeah, great sales woman had me hooked.”

“What did she do, blow you?”

Hemlock laughed and looked down at the bar top.

The club had yet to open, so all was quiet. In the background, Hemlock had Michael Giacchino’s soundtrack to the 2009 reboot of Star Trek playing while he prepared.

“Yeah, she did blow me, but that was after I bought. She would have blown me even if I didn’t buy it.”

Barker paused on the other end. “Seriously? An electric Harley, isn’t that blasphemous?”

“I don’t know, brother. That sales rep’s orgasms over the handlebars suggest it was just fine.”

“Such a fucking pervert.”

Hemlock laughed again. “You bet I am. Now when are you coming to the club?”

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