Chords and Keys

Lust Sabores by Gabriel S. Delgado CThe bass drum ripped through the crowd noise with its thump.

Even behind the massive stage, Pi felt her heart leap in her chest with each beat. For the security guard’s sake, she just hoped it never caused her to bite down. The beat, however, helped her form a rhythm in her sucking technique and knew he was close to cumming.

Oddly enough, the security guard’s name was Terry Cummings. His jeans and denim button down shirt were both black with the only colour provided from the green ID card dangling from his breast pocket.

When Pi had first found him, guarding the singular door behind the stage, she felt it was ironic. He was the only thing between her and a night with Silver Damon, lead singer of The Dresden Quartet. “I’m here to see the band,” she told him.

His chiselled jaw with three day stubble broke into a grin. “So are thirty-odd thousand other people who are in the seats.”

She waited enough time for his blue eyes to wander from her lips to the nipples poking through her tight white belly shirt, to her abs that she was so proud of…was not easy to get that back after childbirth…to the tight ripped blue jeans that covered her legs. Leaning in close, her hand found his groin where her fingers lingered. “I have a key.”

“A key, really?” His voice trailed off and his grin widened further.

Good, he was not going to stop her.

Lowering, her bare knees touched the cold concrete through the rips in her blue jeans. “Yes, just give me a moment to find it.” Zipper was tugged and her hand went in.

The band picked up their beat.

Terry’s cock was rather disappointing. Pi figured, considering his body, he likely was on something for muscle mass that took away from his size. That said, at least she wasn’t going to gag on him.

His left hand went to the back of her head and matted into her brunette locks.

Three songs later, with one hand tickling his balls and the other behind him to squeeze his ass, Pi knew he was very close.

“Take me out of your mouth,” he gasped.

She did and looked up into his stunning blue eyes.

His own hand took over stroking while his left, still matted, pulled her hair to get her mouth open only inches from his tiny erection. “I want to see it go in.”

The first spray of cum hit Pi’s smiling teeth. The second went right to her tongue. A third, even stronger pulse, hit her cheek. By the sixth full shot of cum, Pi was impressed as she had not expected such an eruption from the tiny cock.

He looked at the lipstick stain around his cock before zipping back up. Producing a handkerchief from his breast pocket, he handed it to her to wipe off. “Fuck, you look so hot with cum dripping from you.”

Standing back up, she simply smiled.

His eyes did not waver from hers until he pulled keys from his pocket. “Rock stars get all the luck.”

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