Blowing the Dust Off

43HJohn picked up the book and blew on it.

Dust flew away in fear. It then danced in the air with the filtering fall sunlight from the windows above acting as spotlight.

“Most of these haven’t been opened in a while.” Kelsey Harris took the book from his hands. The black pencil skirt hugged her hips tighter as she crouched to put the book on an empty shelf below. Standing back up, she adjusted her black rimmed glasses up her freckled nose. The black suit-jacket over her white blouse hid the rest of her form.

“That’s why you brought me here to close the place, right?” His leather jacket crinkled as he reached up to tilt another book back in order to see the title.

“Yes, Mr. Gregg, that’s why you’re here.” She pushed a stray strand of red hair, escaped from her tight pony tail, from her face.

“Please, John is good.”

“THAT’S NOT WHERE THAT BOOK GOES!” the voice hollered at them from down the aisle. The ball of a man had red in his face a veins popping in his neck. His white button-down shirt was already sweat-stained at the armpits and now half-untucked from the light blue slacks that strained to keep him in. He began to roll down the aisle towards them, picking up speed.

John stepped forward, “Please, sir, no need for…”

Kelsey stepped to the side. “Mr. Gregg, this is our Head Page, Tim Fieldstone.”

Tim stopped with a pudgy finger raised looking up at her. More sweat glistened on his crew-cut head. “Ms. Harris, you must put the books back where you found them. How else will the readers find them?”

Her hands held out and pushed on his chest. “Tim, what readers? Nobody uses this library.”

He stopped, shoulders heaving in an attempt to catch his breath. A near sob left from his lips. “We need to keep the books in order.”

“I know, Tim, I’m sorry.” She crouched, picked the book up and found the spot it originally came from to slide it back in.

Turning, Tim retreated to his rolling cart at the end of the aisle that was currently relieving him of the burden of the single book on top of it.

“Wow, that’s something,” John said with a chuckle.

“Tim’s harmless. He just needs to get laid.”

John laughed harder. “Okay, that’s an image I didn’t need. That must be horribly bad sex. I feel bad for the person…”

Kelsey’s eyes lifted to him and a grin formed before interrupting, “He’s a fantastic lay.”

Mouth now silenced, the best response John could think of was to blink.

“Men never look at another man’s feet. My friend Tim, over there, he proves the myths to be true. He may be young…um, twenty-two, I think…but he knows how to handle himself and he wears a size eighteen shoe. Plus, he’s shorter than I am which makes him the perfect height for me to bend…” She stopped herself with a light bite of her lip. “Oh, I think I’ve said too much.”

Another blink. All John could think of was Kelsey bent over one of the library tables while Big-Ball Tim took her from behind. Knowing her heels exaggerated it, but thoughts of a taller woman fucking the shorter rounder boy was oddly turning John on. His mind next drifted to the idea of lifting that skirt, himself, and lifting her against the wall.

“Mr. Gregg, will you take the job?”

With a nod, he snapped back to the matter at hand. “Ah, yeah…yeah, I will. How long?”

“We need the library ready to shutter at the end of classes in April.”

“Eight months.” He nodded. “This is a done deal then? The university won’t rethink their position?”

Kelsey sighed and shrugged, turning her back to walk towards the front of the library. “This is King West University, Mr. Gregg. All decisions are final…unless, of course, some generous benefactor stepped in with a major donation, they might reconsider. But this seems unlikely.”

He followed clicking cowboy boot heels on the scratched wooden floor. “Is there a deadline on that?”

“Probably, but I’m not sure.” She stopped and spun back. “Do you know of any benefactors, Mr. Gregg?”

“It’s just John, and no, can’t say that I do.”

Turning, she resumed her walk. “Well, I keep hoping. It will kill Tim when we close.”

“If, say, in two weeks or so that I decide I really like this place. Any issue if I go looking for one?”

Kelsey stopped in front of the checkout desk and offered her hand. “None at all.”

He grasped her hand and shook it tightly.

“Welcome aboard, Mr. Gregg.” She turned and walked past the checkout and out.

He watched her go, crossing his arms and rubbing his chin.

“She’s too young for you.”

John jumped at hearing Tim’s voice. Not having heard the approach, he looked down and asked, “How did you…?” His eyes glanced back at the trail of Kelsey. “You’re too young for her.”

Tim shrugged and grunted. “Guess we could share.”

“What?” John’s mouth fell open.

Tim, however, had begun rolling away with his finger pointing up. “THAT’S NOT WHERE THAT BOOK GOES!”

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