A Time for Max

Have been playing with new ideas and new projects in my head lately, while working on my regular ongoing ones.

To begin, Skelly Manor is going to slow for a bit. Have lots of story ideas and, recently I mentioned perhaps 69 “episodes” but…let’s just say something bigger has come along. There is one further Skelly Manor coming shortly, but thinking all my other plans of short fiction may be put on hiatus for a while. Will still have random shorts showing up for Wicked Wednesday and Masturbation Monday, but not planning them going forward.

Darwin’s Sword – Savannah Book Two is well on the way. Hoping to have the first draft finished before summer and ready for November release. Also hoping to have book three done by year’s end for a release in the spring of 2016, but that is by no means confirmed timing.

But then there is a new little idea that began lurking in my mind. I was going to leave this a few months before leaking this first teaser, but it has really begun to boil over…

Max 1st small


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