Waves of Pleasure – an excerpt from Darwin’s Sword – Savannah Book Two

Author’s note: this is an excerpt from the upcoming novel of erotica, Darwin’s Sword – Savannah Book Two, which will be out in November. Being Wicked Wednesday was where Savannah made her first ever appearance, seems the appropriate place to give a little tease of what’s to come.

“How do you stand this fuckin’ heat?” Jasper lifted her rum and Coke to sip on.

“The alcohol always helps.” Savannah glanced over at her. “That and the lack of clothes at these resorts.”

Many wandering eyes were on the brunettes at the bar. Most were flirting and playing with their own partners while trying to attract others on the sandy beach that surrounded the bar. Overhead, the sun kept a spotlight on all of them, whether simply flirting or couples that were in full penetrative sex on the beach.

Savannah wore tight black shorts and a red tank top. Her red stiletto pumps bounced as it clung to her foot by just the toe of her right leg crossed over her left. Her brunette hair was held back in a ponytail to keep it from her eyes as she surveyed the potential.

Jasper’s olive skin was only held in jean cut-off shorts and a deep purple bikini top. Her own brunette hair was curly and free, falling down her back halfway.

Behind them, a steal drummer tapped out the chorus to a well-known song.

Jasper smirked. “Yeah, I can’t imagine wearing much of anything in this bloody sunlight.”

“Weird Al did that song much better,” Savannah quipped.


“I don’t remember who did the original, of this, was called Happy. A guy named Al Yankovic does parodies of hit songs and he did this one, but called it Tacky.” Savannah shrugged. “I forgot, you were off-planet and never would have heard it.”

“I don’t understand your humour.”

“It’s an acquired taste,” Savannah agreed and sipped her own drink.

“Why are we here? You said…”

Savannah interrupted with a low growl of a voice, “Because feeding here is easy. Swingers are like the Yuspitza at home.”

Jasper’s big eyes searched for more. “Yuspitza?”

“They’re everywhere, but no one admits to being one.” Savannah grinned and met Jasper’s brown eyes with a nod. “Takes awhile for the local authorities to even realize someone might be missing.”

“Good point. And that would definitely help.”

Savannah cocked an eyebrow. “What helps?”

“The alcohol. Cheers.”

Savannah’s eyes found a subject. “See that guy?”

Jasper followed her gaze. “Big ape that is all muscle?”

“Yeah, he’s all ego. Cock is likely a pencil and he makes up for it working out and tossing around money. His best move with a female is to pry her panties off with liquor.”

“I see, so the more drunk she is the less he’ll have to deal with consent.”

Savannah nodded.

“So you feed his ego, and he’s easy prey.”

“Fuck, no. Pencil dicks don’t give good orgasms. I at least want to enjoy my meal.”

“Okay, so who then? Not like you can pick big dicks easily with their pants on.”

“That one,” Savannah said gesturing with her drink before taking another sip.

Jasper’s eyes followed. “The one in the wheelchair?”

The man was bald and stationary in the sunlight. His wheels rested on the blacktop path that wandered through the sandy beach area around the bar.

“He’s been trying to secretly masturbate and, from what I’ve seen, the erection is impressive.”

“But he’s in a wheelchair?”

“So what? Just means I have arm rests to hold on to while riding him.” Savannah laughed and sipped her drink.

“Okay, so you seduce him, fuck him for kicks, and feed.”

“Yeah, and you make it sound so clinical.”

Jasper swatted Savannah’s shoulder. “That didn’t sound clinical at all.” Lifting her drink she had one last gulp to find the bottom of the glass. “So show me.”

Savannah grinned. “Thought you’d never ask.” Standing, Savannah moved away from the bar and walked towards the man.

He turned and locked his eyes on the tall brunette long before she got to him. He grinned up awkwardly. “Hi there.”

“Hi there,” Savannah said with a bright smile and lick of her lips. Crouching down, she lowered to his eye level. “I’ve been watching you masturbate for a while now.”

The little colour in his skin vanished with embarrassment.

“Don’t worry about it.” Her elbows leaned on the armrest of his chair and one hand fell into his lap to squeeze what it found. “I was hoping you might join me back in my room so I could do it for you.”

“Seriously?” His eyes searched her face. “I usually just come to these places to watch. This seems too good to be true.”

“Up to you. One time offer.” She allowed her alcohol-soaked breath to blow on him in the hopes he would accept her invite as liquor laced.

“Gift horses, though. And I love your eyes.”

“Then let me suck and fuck you.”

Jasper shook her head and grinned. “Bloody impressive. Poor sod, but bloody impressive.”



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