A Night of Erotica With Ataraxy

Author’s note: I’ve used the character of Bronx before…but been quite awhile as he’s been in limbo since 2011. I have yet to decide if this is a continuation or a reboot…but we’ll figure that out shortly.

eroticaThe Ferrari stopped and the tinted windows opened to reveal an old man with a slight fringe of dark gray hair and big 1970s-esque mirrored sunglasses.

Bronx shook his head as he watched the car through the storefront window. “Those fuckers keep getting older, I tell ya.”

“He looks like Stan Lee,” Brooklyn pointed out with a nod. “I’d do him.”

Bronx’s brown eyes turned to her with a few blinks.

“What? Silver foxes are hot. Ironic that they’re calling this the Ferrari of dildos,” Brooklyn lifted the orange phallic device from the counter. She pushed brunette curls back over her bare shoulder. She leaned forward with palms on the counter causing her breasts to squeeze together. Her white blouse buttons barely contained her chest but, considering her work, that was on purpose.

Bronx rolled his eyes. Much as he enjoyed the cleavage she often presented him, he was well aware that it usually meant she wanted to take a trial device home with her. His hand brushed over his bald head before tugging on his Grateful Dead concert t-shirt just enough to show the eagle head tattoo on his left shoulder. “That’s what they’re calling it. They, of course, being the manufacturer.”

Her hazel eyes met his gaze with an eyebrow cocked question.

“Bradley-Chapman Toys.”

“Oh, and they usually exaggerate.” Her face failed to hide her disappointment.

Bronx grinned and held up a finger. “We did receive one from Markus Clease, though.”

“Fuck me!” Brooklyn’s smile blossomed at this revelation.

“Anytime, so long as Clawson doesn’t mind me doing it.”

It took a moment for his words to register before the usual glare came. “Fine, but where is it?”

“We only have one so far.” He turned to the cupboard behind the counter and found a long slim black box.

“Dammit, that means…”

“You’ll have to wait to try it out. Customer’s first.”

She nodded and snatched the box from him. “I think I’ll cum just from looking at the box alone.”

The box was flat black in colour with glossy black letters spelling out the word “Ataraxy”.

“Fuck,” she whispered. Holding the box close, her eyes followed it like a jeweller studying a diamond. “Knowing what’s in here, this is fucking huge.”

“Reading the stats, it looks a like I’ll have to put it on the shelf of intimidation.”

“I love that shelf,” she said in a breathy voice as her eyes rose to meet his.

“Yeah, I guessed that. Your reviews tend to stay heavy with those items.” Bronx felt his own phallic symbol growing under his jeans. He stepped back far enough from the counter to show it off.

“When do we get more?” She bit her lip as her eyes dropped down.

“Two weeks.”

Her left hand caught a curl of her hair. “Clawson won’t mind.”

Bronx shrugged and grinned. “I’m not telling him.” His hands went to the front of his jeans and pulled down. “I’ve never told him before.”

Her lips slipped into a smile. Walking around the counter, her black miniskirt clung to her pale calves. “You sure you can wait until we get more to sell these?” She lowered to her knees in front of him.

“I can wait.” He groaned as his new erection vanished into her mouth.  Conveniently, he forgot to mention that things in this store usually sold significantly better after Brooklyn had published a review.

“They call it Ataraxy,” Brooklyn said. On the bed, her curls fanned out on the pillow beneath her. The new toy rested, for now, buried deeply between her legs.

It was a dark cream rubber that was somehow soft and hard in all the right places.

Her left hand stroked lightly at her clitoris. “And it’s fucking amazing.”

“Did you blow Bronx again for this one?” the male voice squawked its question from the mobile laid on the pillow beside her.

Her right hand grasped the base of the dildo and she pulled out causing her mouth to form pouts of pleasure. “Yeah, of course I did,” she gasped her answer.

“That’s my girl. Soon this job will be done.”

Her eyes opened and glanced towards the phone in an annoyed roll. “I can’t wait.” She reached over and clicked the phone off.

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