Drew is Temporcidal

polyamoryHer eyes fluttered open. The poking had awoken her, of that Drew was certain. Good thing she enjoyed what usually followed. Leaning back, she felt him move behind her, shifting to his back. “Still asleep,” she whispered, “but hard as a fucking rock.” Her eyes climbed the tent of the rumpled white sheets over his midsection.

In the darkness, the shrouded erection was but a massive ghost in shades of grey lifting the sheets up from him.

Her eyes shifted to the empty champagne bottle on the bedside table. A warm tipsy memory of Jon crouched between her legs with that bottle walked through her mind bringing a smile. There had been paddle whacks, handcuffs, and a blindfold, but the bottle sliding into her had been the newest and most taboo part of their evening play.

Jon let out a snore making his interest in her thoughts obvious.

Drew propped up on her pillow with her right elbow supporting. Her left hand smoothed through her shoulder-length bob of hair. Lifting a strand, she looked at the piece of normally strawberry-blonde.

Depending on her choice of colours, that hair could be anywhere from outright blonde, to copper, to auburn, to red that matched Jon’s natural hair colour. At the moment, however, it was definitely grey.

“So that’s where I’m going.” A light giggle escaped as she thought just how sexy grey hair could be and wondered why she coloured hers. Glancing back over at the body beside her, she reached up and pulled back the sheets.

It had been their anniversary the night before. Eight years since Jon had sidled up to the bar where Drew had been working and ordered his first pint from her. She anticipated another in a long line of one-night stands that night in 2007. Earlier this evening, as she lay on her side with his hips grinding against her from behind and his fingers reaching around to drag a fifth orgasm from her clitoris, she remembered how good that first time had been and how it brought him back for more pints over and over again.

Now, however, that massive pale-skinned cock looked menacing in the dark shadows of the tiny motel room.

Regardless of lighting, after eight years of one-night stands with Jon, she would recognize it anywhere. “I’ll have you.” Drew climbed from under her sheets and up to her knees and into a crouch. Lifting her left leg, she straddled the dark member keeping her crouch high enough that he wouldn’t feel anything. Her left hand grasped the cock.

Jon’s snore was more a cough as this woke him.

Lowering her ass, she felt the tip of the erection open her up and force a gasp from her lips.

“Well hi there,” Jon said. His hands moved to her hips to assist the action.

“Hi, back.” Falling from her crouch to knees, she leaned forward and crushed her breasts against his chest as she went in for a kiss. Pulling back, she lifted until her body was seated on him and upright. Arching her back further, her nipples pointed towards the ceiling just as the first shot of dawn light licked them from between the window shades. Her head snapped towards the light. “SHIT!”

Jon tried to hold her, but his grip slipped as she was off him. “What?”

“Nathan’s going to kill me.”

Jon sat up and shifted to sit against the now brown mahogany headboard. His red hair picked up shine from the sunlight. “I’m sure Nathan is fine.” His freckled face crinkled into a smirk.

“What time is it?” Lifting a leg to pull on pink panties, she lost her balance and fell to lean against the wall.


“I told him I’d be home. The kids need breakfast.”

Jon laughed. “Nate’s a big boy. I’m pretty sure he can use his mystical powers to conjure up some cereal for them. He might even go all out and toast some bread with a flamethrower.”

“Yeah, but…”

“I texted him as you were falling asleep, so he knows. He said I should keep you for the night.” Jon chuckled.

She stopped. Her eyes shifted back over to the Jon.

“See, there are certain advantages when your primary and secondary get along so well.”

Drew laughed and a long breath came out. “You mean besides great threesomes?”

“Is that all we are to you?” He mocked astonishment before his customary wink of blue eyes followed. “I told him we’d have you home to make us lunch.”

She laughed.

“I promised Mitch we’d work on his bicycle this afternoon, too.”

The panties fell back to the floor. Drew stepped out of them and back towards the bed.

“And when are we going to do more house hunting? Four kids and three adults make that a very small place…”

Crawling back on the bed, she grabbed his cock. “Would you stop talking about the kids and real estate?”

“You have a better subject?”

“No.” Her hazel eyes met his as she bit her lip. “Just fuck me.”

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Author’s note: this new piece was begun, and mostly finished, prior to seeing today’s Wicked Wednesday prompt of “Monogamy”. It is the beginning of a new poly-erotica series I am starting, which I’ve yet to even title, but considering the story is about almost the exact opposite of the prompt…oh well.



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