Swingers Fiction Review – Cooper S. Beckett’s “A Life Less Monogamous”

I was given a copy of Cooper S. Beckett’s new novel in exchange for an honest review. Now, I’m no literary reviewer, but let’s see if I can make this puppy fly, shall we?

Cooper S. Beckett a life less monogamous swingers swinging

It is a story of Ryan and Jennifer as they being their journey outside the traditions of monogamy. A new friendship with a swinging couple, Bruce and Paige, who offer our heroes a way to spice up their marital experience.

This couple, given my lifestyle, I felt strong empathy for as they begin exploring the hushed lifestyle of swingers and swinging. Don’t kid yourself; the population is estimated to be about 10% non-monogamous, and swingers only make up a portion of that. It is very hushed.

Having been through some of these scenes, myself, the author knows of which he speaks. Mr. Beckett hosts a podcast, “Life on the Swingset”, so this comes as no surprise.

He even uses some similar references that I would…

“She’s not Selleckian, you doof!”

I enjoyed the book. Recognized a lot of errors that are common in the lifestyle that Ryan and Jennifer work to wrap their heads around. One aspect I did like, in particular, is that they are a couple looking to expand their relationship rather than fixing it. The story is humorously erotic and has some real tension as the excitement mounts with their movement towards experience and deal with realistic newbie swinger conflicts that arise.

I would recommend this book, not only for entertainment¬†but also for those curious about the lifestyle. It offers realism that my own sci-fi swinger tales just don’t get to due to…oh, I don’t know…distracting space ships and succubuses or something. It also is a good lightish hearted way of showing some of what goes on when first dipping those toes into the pool rather than trying to find it through the drier realms of blogs and non-fiction.

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