Skelly Manor – A Change in Plans

eroticaToday is the day my final part of Skelly Manor was to be posted.

The key term here is “was”.

The plan had been to hand the series off to Author Abby Aaron so she could continue with future stories.

After co-authoring parts eight, nine, and now ten, she has bowed out and handed the series back to me. Abby has decided that erotica is not for her and, for the most part, given up on her pseudonym. I get that, as it isn’t for everyone.

I hope she will co-author with me again.

This situation is a good thing as I’ve had a couple of ideas that could have worked as a new project, but they fit rather well into the existing Skelly universe.

After the release of Midnight in the Stampede City on July 7, there will be a break. I have this other thing called Savannah that needs to be finished, not that any of you have heard of it. Considering my ebook sales, this is less sarcasm than truth, but a deadline looms nonetheless. The eleventh Skelly Manor will be ready in the late fall or winter, but this tenth part will close by introducing a few new main characters that will evolve the story.

From the ideas I have in the draft folder, Skelly Manor holds its foot firmly in reality but evolves into something of an erotic sitcom.

The new characters are a huge step in the comedic direction. Groundskeeper Peter is yet to receive a last name. There is also Artist Blew Brown lost on the grounds somewhere. There is an as of yet unnamed character based on a Muppet will also be added into the storyverse. There is also a geographic shift that is too much to give away at this particular moment.

Yes, a Muppet. And you’re not likely to guess which one. I always want to write fun erotica, so why the hell not?

I’m not suggesting that Director Jake might cross over. In fact, I’m guaranteeing it.

So that’s the story behind Skelly Manor for now. I suspect part eleven might beat Director Jake’s next release (Dec 31 – Director Jake and the Great Korean Whorehouse), but we’ll see what happens.

If this turns out to be as fun as I hope, it will be very busy after The Orphan Was – Savannah Book Three is done. I might have more than one additional Skelly short story out before the close of 2016.

Thanks for reading. I know I made a snide remark about my ebook sales but, unfortunately, it is true. Think about it this way; the Skelly Manor shorts are very short. Probably five to ten minute reads at 99 cents each on Kindle. Were this a strip club, that ten minutes is three lap dances at twenty bucks each.

By my math, I just saved you $59.

You’re welcome. And it is erotica, so hopefully you’ll be well cummed after reading it.

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