A Night’s Turn About

Wendy closed the cab door behind her and turned to look up the steps of her building. junction-1030835_1920 bloor bathurst erotica

The building looked back with its non-descript door between the closed security garage doors of retail outlets on either side. Inside would be a straight run of stairs up three flights to her apartment at the back. The building stood guard over the shorter buildings around it at the corner of Bathurst and Bloor.

There wasn’t much up there for her tonight. She tapped her toe on the sidewalk and glanced around. There was a bottle of rum, an overstuffed pillow, and a night with Netflix if she turned the key now. Thoughts of watching the gorgeous, goofy redhead on Kimmy was appealing, but she didn’t want to resign her evening to that just yet.

A couple walked past, and the male tried to do a discreet double take.

With her blonde hair down her back and her little black dress almost to the top of her thighs, Wendy knew she looked good.

With a bell to warn, a streetcar passed north along Bathurst.

Wendy walked east from her door to the corner and watched the streetcar go.

A few metres up the street she saw a large, tall man in a red sweater and cream pants. An odd pairing to begin with, but the combination would have him sweating badly. His tummy was round in front of him with thick arms and legs protruding outwards. A briefcase dangled from his left hand opposite her.

His cock is probably huge, she thought.

A car honked.

Her legs started moving without her thinking and carried her towards him. Blinking at the shine caught from both his glasses and balding head, she continued until she stood in front of him.

His blue eyes searched her face.

A quick glance to the left and confirmed what she hoped.

The older parts of downtown Toronto offered plenty of walkways and alleyways that were outside the prying eyes of passersby and security cams alike.

Grabbing his hand, she pulled him into one such walkway.

He gave no resistance. Once in the dark he firmly pushed her back to lean against the wall. Lowering to his knees in front of her, he pushed her skirt up further. Pushing aside her black panties, his mouth found her prize that was behind them.

Lifting her right leg, she rested it on his shoulder. Her right hand went to the back of his head to encourage him. A strange sensation caught her.

Was his tongue pierced?

He lapped at her with his tongue, prodded with his fingers, and sucked her with his lips. His face was so tight between her legs it was hard to believe he could still breath.

The click of heels passed by without seeming to notice them, followed by the ding of another streetcar going south this time.

Without paying the distractions heed, he continued and pushed more fingers into her.

Wendy moaned lightly, forcing herself to keep it down. Her eyes locked with his briefly before returning to the walkway opening to make certain none approached, other than her orgasm. She cringed, at first, feeling his entire fist push inside her but then relaxed and enjoyed the pleasure of how full it made her feel.

Tongue on her clit, he gently pumped his fist inside her and twisted his fingers.

Her left hand went to her mouth to muffle the scream her orgasm wanted to push from her. She didn’t scream, but she wanted to.

He pulled his fist from her and stood. Bending down, he kissed her lightly on the cheek before turning to walk away.

Wendy heaved in breaths to calm herself and watched him go. Looking down at her hands caused panic to grip her on realizing her purse was gone. She turned back and was about to run after him when…

…a car honked and gunned it’s engine west along Bloor.

Wendy snapped back to reality, standing at the corner and watching the large man get into an orange and green cab.

With the crunch of tires against the curb, the taxi sped south across Bloor and down Bathurst.

Shaking her head, she walked up to where the man had been.

There was no dark walkway.

Glancing around to make certain no one was watching, she checked with her right hand to find her panties, though damp, were still in place. Her left hand still held her clutch purse.

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