Review of “That Day At the Lake”

This review, with five stars, was added to this evening:

I admit, that this is not my standard genre for reading or writing.

That Day At The LakeRachel de Vine has become a fast online friend over the last year. I¬†figured it was time to give “That Day At The Lake” a go and see what I could make of it.

One of my favorite lines from the story made short work of my apprehensions about the genre, however:

“If you are having an orgy, can I join in?”

“No Hugh, this is girl bonding. Go back to bed.”

It was this line where the word cool crossed my mind about this story.

The story is complicated by the emotions mixed with an underlying thread that drags the story arc to places Chris Carter would have enjoyed pulling Mulder and Scully through. In this case, Adrianna and Luca are taken on an inevitable ride. As one would expect with romance, we play voyeur and they discover what they mean to each other. Then the battle is joined to keep what they want and takes their travels further. The journey begins with a BDSM club, as all good journeys should. The story takes them from Italy to London to the aforementioned BDSM club in New York City with great depth to them.

They aren’t related and get your minds out of the gutter!

This is respectable erotica, not like what I write!

Now where was I?

Like the genre, I’m not usually a fan of first-person. The point of view in this story gives insights that simply would not work so well any other way. This back and forth of perspectives is something I’ve used in humour, but Rachel uses it skillfully to ratchet up the story on both action and romance.

The action is impressive and gives hints of Rachel’s ability outside of the erotic romance realm.

Would I recommend it? Yes, absolutely, and may have to read it again, myself.

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