Winter Howls

Author’s note: This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is Winter. Being I’ve missed a number of prompts recently, I had to get back in on this one. Who better than a Canadian, such as I, to write a piece or erotica about winter?

So how’s about a little tale from the British Columbia Rockies of a pair lost in the snow? How about the first real snippet of my next big project that I announced last week? Oh, and maybe, just maybe with a cameo of my most prolific of characters, so far. To set the scene, we have Benz and Grayle trudging through a blizzard after abandoning their vehicle on a mountain road somewhere just south of Yekooche, British Columbia.

Press play:


“The mercury’s falling,” Benz’s muffled voice called out through his scarf.

“No shit, Sher…”

Benz spun and glared at the woman following him through the fog of sideways-falling, blizzarding snow. “No cliches!” He couldn’t see for certain, but it was a fair assumption that she rolled her eyes under the blaze of brunette hair that the wind whipped straight out.

“Who’s bright idea was coming here, anyway?” Grayle’s voice was barely audible over the renewed wind blasts. She shifted her gaze to the trees lining the road. “Fucking mountains.”

Squinting against the snow, Benz huffed white breath that camouflaged against its surroundings. “She said this was still a safe place.”

“Why didn’t I think to bring a parka?” She pulled the lapels of her trench coat tightly around her petite frame.

Benz looked past her. “Shit, this is bad. Can’t see the car anymore.”

“There’s the place.” Grayle pointed forward to the right side of the snow-covered road.

Turning back, Benz followed her direction to see a small wooden building on the edge of the road. “Okay, that place won’t have heat or electricity.”

“No, but it has walls that will at least slow this wind. It looks solid.”

The two continued stepping over snow until they got to the front door. Benz pushed the snow back with his sneakers until they could get the door open far enough to get inside.

At best, the place was a supply shed that someone had forgotten. The walls had a slant to them as if gravity were trying to make it disappear before anyone remembered.

“Take your clothes off,” Grayle commanded as she pulled her own coat off.

“What? But it’s fucking freezing.”

“First of all, they’re wet. Get them off and then get some wood in that fireplace.”

“You mean the table over there?” He pointed at a rickety table and chairs in the corner.

“They’ll do. It should fall apart easily enough.” Grayle dug through some boxes near the door and found blankets. “Matches here, as well.”

“From a time when people prepared for the worst rather than complaining when it happened.” With two kicks, Benz proved her theory right as the table shattered. He moved the wood to the fire and had it lit after only the second match.

“I agreed not to arrest you, so long as she shows. Freezing to death wasn’t part of the deal.”

Benz shivered out of his pants. “She’ll show.” Down to black boxers, he wrapped himself in a blanket and sat on the floor.

Pulling her clothes off, Grayle hung them on the fireplace mantel. “How will she find us?”

He shrugged and grinned. “Just trust me.”

Grayle sat beside him and opened her blanket. “Come closer.”

The wind howled and rocked the door of the shack.

His eyes shifted to the black bra and panties on her athletic body. “What are you doing?”

“We need body heat, or we’ll have to burn through all those chairs before the storm passes.”

He groaned and shifted so they could wrap together under the blankets. “Maybe you should have just arrested me.”

“And here I thought you liked what you saw.”

He chuckled. “I did, but…”

Grayle jumped. “What is this?”

“What’s your hand doing there?”

“Are you erect?”

His face blushed in the firelight.

She glanced at him. “It’s huge.”

“Guess I did like what I saw.”

She expelled a loud breath and looked at the fire.

“You can let it go.”

Her eyes returned to him. “I could, or?”

“Or?” he asked.

“We could get warmer.”

“You mean?”

She moved under the blankets until she was straddling him. “Yes, I mean that it’s massive and someone needs to deal with it. May as well be me.”

He gasped, feeling his cock entering her warm and soaking pussy. “You do recall that the last time we did this I got shot, right?”

She lowered until she sheathed his cock fully. “We haven’t fucked before.”

“Shit, never mind. Time travel fucks everything up.”

A groan escaped her lips as she lifted and lowered on him again. “At least it seems like I’ll survive this.”

Benz considered mentioning their future son but instead used his energy to grasp her hips and pull her down on him harder.


A hard knock woke Benz.

He glanced at the embers of the dying fire before crawling from under the blankets. He padded to the door and pulled hard to open it. “I see the beacon worked.”

The tall brunette stepped past him with the heels of her black boots clicking on the stone floor. Her brown eyes found the still-snoozing Grayle by the fire. “We could just leave her here. Would save you a lot of grief.”

He shrugged and went to the clothes on the mantel. “Darling Savannah,” he said eying her sideways, “she’s the mother of my future child.”

“Her future, your past,” Savannah corrected.

“Oh fuck, this time travel shyte is gonna give me a headache.”

Savannah smiled. “Can I at least torture her?”

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