Preparing to Find Savannah

Author’s note: Part two of the new teaser series for the upcoming project, Savannah’s Alternate Universe.

erotica“So who were Benz and Grayle?” The man lifted his eyes to look over his reading glasses across the table.

Brad shrugged and gave a wide grin. “Grayle was, oh I don’t know, a fed investigator of some sort. Benz was her informant, I guess.”

“And this,…” his eyes lowered from Brad to the open manila folder in front of him. “Benz?”

Brad nodded.

“He was leading Grayle to…?”

“To meet Savannah.”

The man’s eyes widened and, with pen in hand, he pushed his reading glasses further up his nose. “Yes, Savannah.”

Brad gave a grin that was more like a grimace.

With eyes returning to the file folder, the man tapped the point of his pen on one line he seemed to find particularly interesting. “The alien time traveler?”

“That would be here, yes.” Brad glanced away and tried to study more about the room. He was certain it was a typical interrogation room with gray metal walls, fluorescent lighting, and an allegedly one-way mirror along the wall opposite the single metal door allowing entrance to the chamber.

No windows. No paintings. Nothing at all natural about the place.

“What do you think of this Savannah alien.”

“She’s a warrior.” Brad puckered his lips and nodded.

“Female alien then?”

“She looks human. You’d never know to meet her that she’s not from Earth.”

The man nodded and scribbled down something on the papers.

“Smoking, hot body, too. A pussy so tight that when she…”

The man’s eyes shot up to Brad in silent interruption. “You’ve slept with her?”

Brad smiled broadly. “Yes, sir. It was awesome, especially now that she doesn’t kill those she mates with.”

“Doesn’t kill those she mates with,” the man repeated and scribbled more. “You’ve had oral sex with her?”

“Oral sex?”

“Yes, a blowjob. She sucked your cock. Did her lips touch your penis?”

“Hell, no,” Brad lied. “That’d be illegal.”

“So is sleeping with someone you’re not married to. Why stop there?”

Brad laughed. “Come on now. That’s a soft law that is never enforced unless a guy is married.”

“But it’s still a law punishable by castration.”

Brad’s mouth moved, but no voice came out.

The man closed the folder and sat back in his chair. “No concern, Mr. Sams, that is not the focus of this inquiry. So long as you assist us in finding this Savannah and her smoking hot body,” he said holding his fingers up for quotes, “and you can sleep with whoever you like. The church isn’t after you.”

“I don’t know where they went.”

“If you can’t help us, however.” The man allowed an exaggerated sigh and leaned forward to lock eyes. “Then I will share every last sordid detail of your affair with, not only Savannah but the four…no.” He opened the file to glance at his notes again before letting it drop closed. “The six women you have had carnal relations with will all get to explain their actions as well.”

“I don’t know…” Brad’s eyes showed signs of tears welling.

“You don’t know, or won’t tell?”

Brad shook his head.

“Could you find her?” Reaching back into the file, the man pulled a picture of Savannah out.

She was leaning against the corner of a brick building somewhere that wasn’t winter. Greenery and blue sky were the focus around her as the photographer had used a zoom lens from some distance. She wore a tight black t-shirt showing cleavage through the low neckline, a short black leather skirt to her thighs and black boots rising above her knees to almost meet the skirt but leaving a hint of stocking beneath them. Her legs crossed at the ankles and arms folded in front of her bosom as she gazed at something out of frame.

Brad looked at the picture. His eyes first found her lips that had been so warm around his cock as she did the actions he had recently denied. In some forty-eight years, Brad had not had a blowjob before but knew he was going to have to find a way to be on the receiving end again. He then went to her thighs and remembered how tight those legs had gripped as they wrapped around him. His cock had exploded in the most powerful orgasm he ever recalled having and then watched as she licked the white semen from his belly.

“Mr. Sams?”

Brad shook his head back to reality. “I’m sorry.”

“Can you find her?”

Brad met the man’s gaze. “Yes, I can find her.”

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