Anticipation of Belief

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Hi there.

Welcome to the grand re-opening of my website. I’ve been away for awhile working on my novels, but time to kick this door back down. In the words of one Khan Noonien Singh duringĀ Star Trek Into Darkness, “Shall we begin?”

There is a line in Elton’s song above that caught my ear this evening.

Those who think difference is the child of disease…

The song is called “Believe” and is more than 20 years old now. Tonight was the first time I found that line and it just screamed out to me.

I’d never thought about it that way, but it makes so much sense.

This human experience has hypocrisy on levels most of us cannot even fathom. The Alphas talk of the road less traveled and how important it is to blaze their own path and dance to their own beat.

On the latter, I don’t think we have enough drummers…and yes, I’ve been using this joke for years.

Back to the Alphas, however…when they meet one of us that does go a different direction, we are deemed to be diseased. We are outcasts and not to be trusted.

Whether it is a lack of belief in the approved deity or some want for pleasure outside of the accepted traditional norms…this author falls on both of those swords…we must get our heads checked so that we can find our way back to the rules of the moral majority. The Alphas claim that image to the right is a symbol of freedom…but only if you believe what they say and allow them to put a leash around your neck and a gag over your mouth.

This is the problem with Alphas. They assume leadership and anticipate our belief in their leadership.

I give you a reality television star that owns multiple bankrupt companies and should be up on sex assault charges that was recently elected to office as proof. He is an Alpha that we must be wary of.

It would seem that an Alpha that takes advantage of women and even, allegedly, assaults them sexually is more trustworthy than one with a kink that finds consensual friends to assist. Apparently said alleged sex offender is more credible than one who decides they don’t need a false deity to point out morality.

As a good Canadian boy (actually Scottish boy that now is with the band Styx) once sang,

Guns and God, they’re forever!

Point being, those of us that think the status quo sucks are about to enter a hard time. No, “hard” is not a euphemism.

I wish.

Consensual hardness is a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, non-consent is more trustworthy than those of us that live on the sex positive plateau.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t believe them anymore. Not suggesting that I ever truly did believe them, but…

The world has changed since the last time I wrote a post like this. The last time I did we had a champion of inclusivity residing in the White House and he gets evicted in about two weeks.

How did we get here? I’ve no idea as we Canadians didn’t get a vote. In fact, Canada’s current leader might be the new poster boy for the inclusive movement. As I recently posted on Twitter and Facebook, he has been a pleasant surprise for me, and I’m now sorry I didn’t vote for him. Trudeau didn’t require my vote for the last election, but he’s likely going to have it in the next one. I mean, if nothing else, he falls down stairs really well.

All humour aside, those of us that choose human rights over religious freedom should be terrified right now. We need to find a way that this mess we are anticipating doesn’t happen again. We need to find a way to take both guns and gods out of the equation.

I’m uncertain that neither guns nor gods ever consider an individual’s consent when they make a decision. Both are quite the opposite. Neither attempt to seduce us and bring us something better. They both give by subtraction of rights, freedoms, or even life.

But what do I know? I’m different from the traditional ways of thinking. Therefore I must be diseased. Who in their right mind would rather all parties involved have some form of satisfaction or pleasure in an interaction, rather than just taking what I might think I’m entitled to?

That’s me.polyamory erotica blowjob Savannah

I’d rather ask permission than beg forgiveness.

What a concept.

I anticipate being alone in such…

After all this doom and gloom, I can only stand back and leave you with one thing.


We can make this right. We can make this better.

And with this thought, I give you one of the most beautiful performances of one of my favorite songs…I mean, why kick a door down when you can sing instead?


  1. it is such right now that those of us that are on the fringe and waving our freak flag must be strong. I see the writing on the wall, the change in the winds. I fear and weep for this country as we rapidly head for a dark age with fear and hate driving the ship. It is frustrating to know that some antiquated system of government allowed this next leader into power despite the fast he did not win the people’s vote.

  2. All the yes to this… guns and god, I always knew the 1st was evil and was fairly sure the second was too, now I know for sure. Hope is indeed the thing to cling onto but it is sad that we find ourselves in a place where I fear keeping hope alive might be tough


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