Best Cuckold, Ever!

Author’s note: You all remember Apple and Gray, right? Not sure why, but felt the need to return to one of, if not my longest set of stories with this one. Gray’s been fighting to get out of his cage for awhile now, soafter four long years it seems the right time.


A groan was pushed from Apple’s lips by the cock entering her from behind. The first penetration caused her to struggle with staying up on her hands and knees.

Tom grinned at the sound.

“What are you smiling at?” she growled at him.

“Nothing, ma’am.” The grin vanished.

Glancing around behind her, she watched as Carson’s hips crushed up against her ass with his next thrust. “You can do better than that. Harder! Faster!”

Carson followed the instructions and grasped her hips harder. His renewed thrusts produced a clapping sound as he connected with her.

Turning back, Apple gripped a handful of white bedsheet. Her eyes locked with Tom’s and she looked as if she were about to cry. “That’s better,” she hissed.

Tom sat in front of her, legs splayed to either side with his erection waiting for her attention.

Lowering from her hands to elbows, Apple wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the base of his cock. Her left hand brushed a strand of red hair from her face and tucked it behind her left ear. Later she would need to reconnect the strand with its brethren and redo her ponytail, but this was not that time. It was time for licking the length of his erection before sliding her lips over it. At first, she allowed Carson’s thrusts to control the rhythm of the blowjob. Her focus was taken away by sounds to her right.

James, Gray, and Tyrone sat on the couch, opposite the bed. The three voyeurs masturbated as they watched the players on the bed.

Returning to the blowjob, Apple took him deeper this time.

More groans from the voyeurs showed their appreciation.

Carson grunted hard and froze behind her.

She felt the bulge inside her as his balls emptied their prize into rubber. Even still, she continued to work Tom’s cock with her tongue.

Pulling back, Carson grabbed the base of his cock to secure the condom before pulling out of her. He then fell back on his knees before crawling off the bed.

Apple glanced over at the voyeurs. “Tyrone, you’re up!”

Tyrone grinned and got to his feet.

“I need that tongue.”

“Yes, ma’am.” His smile widened. Walking to the bed, he laid on his back.

Apple spread her legs so he could shimmy up until his head was directly beneath her pussy. She then lowered it onto his face.

He devoured her. His tongue darted around her clitoris and his fingers slipped inside.

“Good boy,” she cooed. Smiling up at Tom, she asked, “Are you close?”

His face was beet-red and full of sweat. He nodded furiously.

“Good.” She turned back to the voyeurs.

Carson had taken the third spot on the couch with his limp cock already showing signs it wanted to resurrect.

“James, condom on. You fuck me while Tyrone continues his tongue lashing.”

The condom package appeared in James’ hand and he tore it open between his teeth.

“Tyrone, it is not a bad thing if your tongue finds James’ balls. If his cock finds its way into your mouth, even better. Saliva is wonderful lube.”

The only one of the men not to laugh was Tyrone, but only as his mouth was busy.

James straddled Tyrone’s chest.

“I hope you don’t have one of those funny tasting ones.” Apple lifted her leg and looked beneath her.

Tyrone took James’ erection into his mouth for a few strokes.

“Perfect.” She lowered her leg again, covering Tyrone. Her eyes returned to Tom as she stroked his penis again. “I want that cum.”

He nodded.

James grasped her hips.

Apple smiled on feeling Tyrone guiding James’ erection into her. The first spout of white then caught her eye in front of her. “Good boy.”

The next shot was even higher in the air, followed by three smaller pulses of cum.

She stroked more to get the remainder from him. “That was a huge shot.”

“Thank you, ma’am.” Tom sighed.

A buzz sounded and all motion, except Apple, stopped.

“Oh, come on!” Gray yelled from the couch.

The images of the other four men began to sputter and fade.

Standing, Gray walked to the laptop on the side table. He opened it and waited for the screen to ignite.

Apple turned around and glared.

“Buffering,” he whispered. “Fucking, buffering.”

Tyrone and James both vanished completely. Bright red words, “Lost Connection”, floated where both men once had been. Tom was still there, but his left arm was gone. Carson, on the couch, was now a froggy shade of green and starting to fade.

“We lost them. Fuck it!” Gray snapped the laptop closed.

The other two men vanished.

Apple got up from the bed. “It was fun, though.”

Gray’s eyes burned through her.

She sighed. “Computer?”

“Yes, Apple?” the female computer voice answered.

She raised an eyebrow at Gray. “Did you program it to sound like Anjelica Huston?”

His face went red. “Ah, no. I think it changes the voice randomly.”

“Right.” She held his gaze a moment longer, not trusting him. “Computer, please turn off the holoprojectors.”

The bed and couch vanished leaving the room as black walls and floor with a white door.

“Tell me, why do you insist they all wear condoms when they’re just holograms?”

“Let’s just say that it’s a habit I’d rather not get out of. When technology catches up with my libido, that will be a scary day if I forget to use a condom,” Apple said. She turned and walked to the door.

Gray looked around the room before locking his eyes on me. “Does this mean we’re back?” He grinned and followed Apple from the room. At the door he stopped and turned back to me. “About fuckin’ time.”

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