Politics Within Ethical Non-Monogamy

Someone on Tumblr, also claiming to enjoy ethical non-monogamy, called me a Canadian libtard this morning. I followed with the obvious thought that I finally won Tumblr.

Being I’ve been trying to work on novels lately, it has been too long since I’ve posted here. This was just the spur I needed.

So here we go.

There is a politics behind ethical non-monogamous lifestyles that I’ve seen by not heard mentioned. My hypothesis here is that people who stick to swinging and ideas such as the hot wife or cuckoledism only, tend to be more conservative and right wing. Those who preach polyamory only are more liberal and far left.

I say “far left” as liberal in places like Canada and Britain tends to be more center than left.

Funny thing I have found is that polyamory is a lifestyle. It is a way of thought and living that goes against everything traditional taught.

Swinging is a hobby that also goes against traditional teachings but is more of a fetish nature than polyamory.

I’m talking extremes here. People have every right to go back and forth under the ethical non-monogamous umbrella, just as with politics. The extremes, however, tend to stay at one end and claim those that do actually adjust views are losing the grasp on why things were done that way before. They try to guilt and bully those that think outside their box into coming back and making them “right” so they will feel better. The extremes take on the “us or them” mentality, and many would rather merely throw insults and bully rather than educate and discuss subjects intellectually.

I’m talking both extremes here…left and right. But I always go back to an old saying I heard years ago that a one-winged bird would fly in a death spiral.

I’ve heard a new number recently, specific to Canada as we’re alleged “libtards” up here, but the report suggested 5% of Canadians are now openly ethically non-monogamous. I apologize, I read it in passing the other day, or I’d share the source. I’ve heard many times that the estimate is alternative lifestyles make up around 10% of all populations…higher in some areas depending on acceptance, no doubt. No question that the Toronto-to-Montreal corridor holds a much higher percentage of alternative lifestyles than anywhere in the US, for example.

We’ve been to NYC. We’ve seen their swinger clubs. They’re not as accepting of non-monogamy anywhere near to the level that it is accepted in Toronto.

The post on Tumblr that got me in trouble was pointing out how if a certain man of orange does something stupid…well, more stupid than he has done so far…the anticipated influx of more liberal Americans into Canada would be welcomed but would possibly strain our system. I don’t tend to post political notes on that account often, but it did cause a reaction as to how we “libtard Canadians” hate the free market which is an uneducated theory, at best. I did respond with a suggestion they should educate themselves and shared one of my favorite Robin Williams quotes:

ethical non-monogamy robin williams canada

The problem is that education tends to lead people left.

That is education on things that are not merely facts and require actual debate and discussion. There are many financial wizards on the right, but I suspect there are fewer right-wing scientists than left-wing.

Dammit…I got off topic here and have yet to even get my views on gun control. Hardly a secret, mind you, but we will leave that subject for now.

The thing is, I have a problem with the extremes anywhere. To see this mindset within ethically non-monogamous folk is doubly disturbing.

The ethically non-monogamous umbrella is about inclusivity and accepting difference. It should not be about divisiveness. This inclusivity should be so strong as to bleed over into other aspects of our lives…speaking personally for Laura and me, it does with us.

We are centrists, truly. We can see the good in both the right and the left and the good in both polyamory and swinging. These need to be blended for some and separate for others, but the assumption we all need the same thing goes against the concept of ethical non-monogamy.

Rant over.

Thanks for reading.

Have an elegant day.

There…I did it…got in elegant for the prompt on my buddy, Marie’s Wicked Wednesday.

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  1. I find that politics and belief systems are frequently assumed/inferred – often incorrectly – based on {1} the labels one refuses or attaches to themselves, and {2} other people’s (mis)construal of What __________ Means (as opposed to “what it means” to the person who is wearing – or refusing to wear – the label).

    I, too, am a centrist.

    I like ‘ethically non-monogamous’ as a descriptor, because to me it feels broadly inclusive of multiple types of life/relationship styles/structures. As you say, it’s an umbrella term. And the one I prefer. I’ve gotten pushback for using the term though, because some people equate the term with cheating; others with fence-sitting; still more with “You’re doing it wrong!”
    Mrs Fever recently posted…Man-struationMy Profile

  2. I am not very much into politics and have to think really hard as to what is left and what is right, but what I am into is that thing I always say: respect. People should learn to respect others with their choices. The way you and Laura choose to live your life hurts absolutely no one, so why should you be ‘judged’ for it? I’m much more a ‘live-and-let-live’ girl than to wrong others for what they do, unless they hurt others…

    Rebel xox

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