Teaching Polyamory Basics

This week I had the distinct pleasure of *ahem* hooking up with an old high school friend from before I moved to Toronto…some thirty-odd (very odd) years ago.

Lochlin Cross and I were schoolmates and, due to my family moving east before I finished high school, not much more. Started chatting with him on FB messenger last week when I reached out…something about the town of Creston (see my Skelly Manor series, which features the town) playing host to the groping scandal involving Prime Minister Trudeau┬áhad me thinking back and caused me to do it.

Lochlin is now an FM DJ on 95.7 CRUZ FM in Edmonton, Alberta and, when he found out what I was doing, wanted me to join in on their podcast. The attached is the result of this very bad (or good) idea. Click on the picture to hear the podcast:


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