101 Things Not To Do While in Isolation

Let’s start with the easiest one first, shall we?

  1. Don’t write articles entitled “101 Things Not To Do While in Isolation” and actually intend to write seriously about it.

Being I tend to do what I say, I am going to follow that first reason and write something else entirely. Too many people with the blues already over the isolation we’ve all be inadvertently forced into, so I don’t exactly want to add to that by telling them what else they can’t do.

So I sit here on a Saturday morning, listening to the crackle of the fire in the fireplace and the tapping of my fingers on the keys. I recall just how happy I am that the fire remains in the fireplace as were it anywhere else in my living room, self-isolating would suddenly seem less important.

I mean, the barbecue would be a good option, too…but it isn’t in my living room. That would be awkward and we’d never get the smokey aroma out of the couch cushions.

The couch is much better for other things beyond collecting scents from cooking on the barbecue, anyway.

With its long, luxurious straight lines of grey mixed with the lines of the texture accented in a darker grey, it is rather majestic in appearance, assuming you don’t have too much more grey around it or it becomes camouflage.

The advantage of grey is that it hides a lot of things that might “accidentally” happen on it. Though, the “No More Wet Spot” blanket does a better job.

Yes, the blankets are a thing and no, they aren’t paying me to plug them.


They could, though. I have an empty PayPal account that they could help correct. PayPal could, too, now that I’ve mentioned them.

Just know, that I won’t sell out to just anybody.

Trojon Condoms, I would, but there are only a few exceptions otherwise. Such as the Telestrations After Dark version…

We have yet to actually play that game, but it does have an honored place on our shelf until we figure out how to add strip rules to it.

Maybe this is actually number two on my list of things not to do in isolation…sell out. If what I’m seeing around me is any indication, we may have shifting in economic systems that might assist in that endeavor going forward, but we will have to wait and see.

polyamory erotica blowjob Savannah

Until we can confirm, however…lay the blanket on the grey couch and frolic appropriately with a consenting partner or partners.

Sorry, I shouldn’t be encouraging groups of more than two at the moment, but oh well.

I do wonder just how far a good, consenting orgy would go to help clear away these isolation blues, though.


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