The Art of Making Up Stats

Coronavirus statistics

Stats really are just another form of the clock. Another way for we humans to track things in the passage of time. This era of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has been no exception.

Stats, like the economy and unlike time, are generally made up.

I’ve always been one to make up my own stats about things.

As an example, 125% of relationships fail with people you have never communicated with nor have met.

See, I made that up, and yet, you know I’m right. Although I do exaggerate on occasion.

So with this in mind, let us talk about the elephant in the room that most are already talking around.

Yes, you know where this is going. Let us discuss the plight of the poor Keystone XL Pipeline.

No, I’m kidding. Let’s talk about the virus that has us all sequestered to the point that even Netflix is boring. Maybe there will be some more fictional and exaggerated stats to share along the way.

The problem with this virus is it has revealed just how little we actually know about these things and, more importantly.

What do we know?

It is a virus that is part of the Corona family of viruses that was first documented in 2019. Thus the name, COVID-19, has nothing to do with being the 19th virus of its kind as certain Orange men once pondered.

Did I mention that 115% or Orange men are idiots?

The virus is transmitted by contact with bodily fluids from the mouth and nose, whether through sneezing or the saliva/spittle that comes from our mouths even with simple acts of talking or mouth breathing.

The mouth-breather hiding under your bed.

Nyota Uhura, Star Trek (2009)

There have been suggestions that the virus has also been found in semen, meaning it could be sexually transmitted as well, but those findings are limited and still being studied.

Beyond this and daily statistical updates of varying accuracy on the numbers infected and dead, we really do not know much else.

This virus has shown that people do not know where to go, nor how to look for real information. Very intelligent-adjacent people are spouting and believing misinformation.

The misinformation is not at fault. It does not choose to be shared.

The fact that humans tend to follow charisma over intelligence is. Why do any research when one can be told how to think by a gorgeous talking head that dumbs the story down for us? Add to this that humans also slow down at car crashes to rubberneck, and perhaps cause additional crashes in the process, rather than ignoring and looking for good driving instructions around the situation.

We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blond
Who comes on at five
She can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye

Don Henley, Dirty Laundry

People keep comparing this situation to the Spanish Flu, but even that is not fair. The Spanish Flu did not have a social media network to spread misinformation faster than science could correct it. Back then they were limited simply to word of mouth and very little information from science at all.

Comparing the actual disease to the Spanish Flu? Well, they are both viruses. After that, go talk to a scientist as I do not know. There are plenty of articles comparing the situations, but very little data I have found on the virus itself…not that I’d know what I was reading even if I did.

With much thanks to the virus, Zoom has become a household name. Seriously…show of hands please…before the virus how many of you knew that Zoom was a video conferencing application and not just some 1970s kid show?

I certainly didn’t.

Now it is time to project to what we don’t yet know, but likely will happen.

This is often a sex blog, as I have already mentioned, so let us start appropriately. The sex industry, and prostitution in particular, will return.

Please, try and argue this. There is a reason it is referred to as the oldest profession and it has survived the Inquisition, the Black Plague, the Spanish Flu, and the Trump Administration (so far) among others.

Pre-existing businesses and organizations in the sex industry might have a different story than the industry itself.

Here, in Toronto, I have talked about Club M4 and Oasis Aqualounge a few times on this blog, and I am curious to see if both can weather this storm. It could be 2021 before either can open again, and I am not privy to the finances of either club owner so cannot guess the situations here. All of the swinger, sex, and naturalist organizations have a similar problem to night clubs, concerts, and sporting events. These businesses require a lot of people in an enclosed space to be very close together.

Until this virus is contained to the satisfaction of the scientific community, those businesses are in peril.

Again, not the actual industry. Though the industry will evolve from this. I did read a joke somewhere that prostitution will soon require a body condom.

Coronavirus statistics
The body condom, as demonstrated by Priscilla Presley and Leslie Nielson in a scene from the Naked Gun (1988)

All of these stats and thoughts have shown me one thing.

We need better communication.

We need information we can trust.

Capitalism has shown its corruption for a very long time and I am very much in favor of seeing that curbed. My thought has always been that any base necessity should not be for profit. This would affect many industries, but the big three I look at are banking, insurance, and healthcare.

For a very different reason, let us welcome journalism. to the list.

With journalism being profit-driven combined with our want to see the crash and explosion rather than the happy story of a puppy that saves a lost child, this is a problem.

Do you want proof? Avengers Endgame made an estimated $2.8 billion at the box office while the latest incarnation of Lassie in 2005 made about $6.4 million. Even accounting for inflation, that stat is not even close. I’m not even exaggerating this one.

polyamory erotica blowjob Savannah

I had hoped that we might see some form of discussion about economic reset during this virus time. The closest that I have read is talk of forgiving student debt in some countries, and that would be a very good start.

But that would just be a start.

Capitalism, despite its inherent corruption caused by greed, is what we have allegedly chosen to live with. It is the best system, or so they say.

But who are they?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I didn’t choose this system. As a matter of fact, I don’t recall being given a choice.


  1. So much of the news we see around the virus is not correct, and sometimes we just don’t know what to believe and what not. I wonder where this will all end, how society will look in the future. And sadly, I don’t think we will ever get rid of capitalism. Many times it feels like there are too many people caring about money and not lives lost during the virus. Thank you for sharing your views, and your stats 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  2. well said and it is breathtaking (no pun intended) as to how this virus can’t spread as fast as the misinformation. even more so the fear that is gripping all those with much vs the people with little knowing its just one more hurdle to overcome in a long line. Well said my friend.

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