Dogging Questions

Ellen pulled Roland by the hand along through the cool breeze as they walked up the hill towards her place. The taste of his cum was still in her mouth, and her pussy was beginning to complain that, so far, it had only had three orgasms.

The brunette couple that had been watching them in the abandoned building was on their heels.

Ellen stopped and turned to the couple. “I have a question.” She guessed these two were a little younger and less experienced than she was. If right, that put twenty years difference between them and Roland. Though Roland had held his own in the abandoned building, she suspected he was not all that experienced yet.

That needed to change.dogging

Roland almost fell over from Ellen’s lurched stop. Turning, he saw the confusion on the younger couple’s faces.

“Why are you two following us exactly?” The thought of swapping with a random couple that they had never spoken to had a coolness factor to it, but Ellen had to be sure they were on the same page.

The male looked military with a six-pack visible through his tight black t-shirt under his open long black coat. He was tall with a tight face and squinting blue eyes. He glanced at his partner and grinned.

The female was taller than Ellen, but still not very big. She, too, wore a long black coat, but it was closed. It seemed to hide a proportionate body, but time would tell. She looked back at her partner and, after a moment, smiled.

“I’m Troy. This is Janet.”

Ellen turned an eye up to Roland to make sure he was okay with this. “I’m Ellen, and this is Roland.”

“We just wanted to play.”


“We’ve dogged before. Been watched and watching.”

Ellen locked her eyes on Troy. “Swapped?”

“Not yet.”

She nodded. “Let’s fix that.”

“Really?” Roland chuckled and glanced at Ellen. “That’s it? We haven’t even had our date yet.”

Ellen turned and started walking again. “Roland, darling, you’re getting laid by two beautiful brunettes today. Are you going to complain?”

He tossed a glance back at the brunettes. “We don’t really know who they are.”

“I considered asking for I.D., but that seems somewhat moot.” She eyed him without breaking her pace. “For the record, I don’t really know who you are. A Tinder swipe followed by some texts before we set a date. Yet, somehow I end up with your cock in my mouth and pussy before we have that date.” She grinned. “I’m suspicious.”

“You weren’t complaining.” Roland smirked. “Adventure on, then.”

She looked forward again. “However, we need an alternative to my place as I feel we need something more…um…”

“Public?” Troy offered from behind.

Ellen turned with a smile. “Yes, public.”

“I like the sound of that.” Janet’s voice was a deep growl behind them.

“Just not so public that we’ll get caught, right?” Roland asked.

Ellen laughed.

“All right, fine,” Troy agreed with less than enthusiasm.

“There.” Ellen pointed off the path into a park across the street. “The trees past the steps will work.” No further conversation was required as she pulled Roland, and the other two followed. “You two aren’t vocalists, are you?”

“Vocalists?” Troy asked.

Ellen stopped at the edge of the trees and turned to Janet. With a flurry of hands, she had Janet’s coat open and squeezed two large breasts through the fabric of a navy blouse.

Janet sighed heavily. The open coat revealed a knee-length black skirt and knee-high black boots.

“I mean, do you scream when you orgasm.”

“I can control it.” Janet smiled, and her own hands slipped under the shoulders of Ellen’s dress and found bare nipples. “You must be freezing, though.”

“What fun is controlling it? But for this, okay.” Ellen lifted on to toes and kissed her hard. “Let’s get behind cover, so my boy doesn’t have to worry.”

The foursome walked quickly up the steps and found two large barreled trees close together.

Ellen immediately went to Troy and pushed him up against the tree on the left.

Roland knelt in front of Janet on the right.polyamory erotica blowjob Savannah

Janet, with her back against one of the trees, was already squirming.

“This isn’t exactly stereotypical dogging,” Ellen announced as she crouched in front of Troy. Her hands found his pant zipper and tugged down. Reaching in, she searched for a prize that was already hard.

“There’s a stereotype?” Troy asked in near groan already.

Ellen pulled his cock free from the tyranny of his brief’s elastic waistband. “Typically, dogging is one woman getting gangbanged. I like this better, though.” She eyed Roland and opened her mouth.


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