Author’s Note: This is the beginning of a new novel I was working on and have since scrapped. Instead, going to try and do this old school (for me), posting it here episodically as an exercise to keep my mind from wandering too far from my newest project. More on that project later. With this in mind, how about we begin with a song that helped me rewrite this and a tune I have already declared is likely to be my favorite new song in 2021…well, that was until I heard John Batiste’s “I Need You” but, again, that’s a discussion for another time. And I give you part one of The Hotwife Gratuitous.

Press play…

Despite his name, the man beneath Grace looked nothing like Dave Gruhl.

Luckily, there was a fat cock attached to the man that she was currently impaled upon. It gave her a feeling of fullness and pleasure that helped wash away that disappointment.

On first seeing the online photo, Grace’s husband Roger asked, “You want him? He looks young and cuddly.”

“Yeah,” Grace agreed. “He looks nothing like Dave Gruhl.”

“Not every guy can look like him. Dave is something special.” Roger licked his lips.

Grace shook her head. “I just need one guy that does.”

Now, two weeks later, Grace leaned on this young cuddly alleged Dave-person’s beer belly for balance. That belly was surprisingly solid and worked perfectly as the assistant she needed to keep upright while riding him.

Dave also had that excessive dark body hair that she felt to be stereotypical to men of Southern Europe. She had no clue about Dave’s heritage and, normally, that type of body hair turned her off. Right now, however, she didn’t care.

“Fuck me! Yes!” she screamed.

Roger circled the bed with a bright smile across his face. He was a predator waiting to pounce, snapping photos of the bed-top action with his smartphone.

His prey was neither of these on the bed, although he would happily be joining to make their duo a threesome once his quest was complete. His actual prey, however, were the readers of his blog, The Hotwife Gratuitous.

With his smartphone in hand, he snapped photos of the bed-top action. The photos would be added to the blog at first light the next morning while Grace was still asleep and long after this Dave-adjacent man had departed.

Roger would sit at his computer and craft a tale based on his favorite photos of the set. Then it would be time for PhotoShop to aid Roger in turning the photos into an anonymous expose. He had become an expert in removing birthmarks, tattoos, and even faces from these pictures. It was not so easy to keep blowjob photos anonymous, but he kept finding new ways to do it.

Grace whimpered happily, rising and lowering back down on the fat erection.

Dave-ish grinned up at her and grabbed at her breasts.

She bit her lip.

Roger rolled his eyes. The cock inside his wife was half her age, so it was no wonder this dude was inexperienced. Seriously, you don’t just pinch breasts and twist expecting a woman to enjoy it, but that was exactly what he was doing.

After the latest COVID lockdown, Dave had been the first worthy response to Roger and Grace’s advert. The bars and pubs were barely open yet, so it was not as if they could go on the prowl in search of a bull.

Staying discreet in this non-monogamous lifestyle was hard enough to stay anonymous at the best of times. For this reason, they usually left such adventures for vacation times.

After more than a year locked down, however, they decided to not wait until they could get away. Instead, they had chosen the method that had worked for them many times.

An advert had been placed on Fetlife in the Anonymous Encounters group.

With this in mind, it was quite likely that False-Flag Dave’s name was not really Dave at all. It was supposed to be anonymous, so it only made sense.

Roger crouched between his bedside table and the wall. He positioned the shot to catch Grace’s curves perfectly, while the furniture blocked her face from being seen as she arched her back.

She was definitely saving horses by riding this cowboy, Roger felt.

Another scream slipped from her mouth.

Roger smiled.

polyamory erotica blowjob Savannah

That was enough photos for now.

Putting the phone down, he quietly undressed.

Grace’s eyes turned to him and her smile blossomed. “You’re going to have to help me, now,” she instructed the young man beneath her. Funny thing that Grace was very much a femdom woman, except when it came to Roger. “Time for Roger to feel something.”

Roger got on the bed, staying up straight on his knees as he climbed closer to them. His cock, half erect at this point, was dropped on the young man’s face.

Without any further instruction, the young man began to lick, kiss, and suck it, quickly bringing it to full hardness.

“Good boy.” Grace patted the beer belly before moving her hands up and around Roger’s neck, linking at the wrists.

“He has a good tongue,” Roger agreed.

“Lockdown over,” she whispered before kissing him deeply.


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