Taking Wheels of Steel to Task

 Press play: "This isn't a Merry-Go-Round." "Nope," Mitchell agreed and looked up at the beast with a smile. "Imagine the trouble we could get into up there where no one can see us." "I'm not having sex with you tonight, never mind up there!" Carla took a step back from him. He turned and looked down at her. "I didn't say that. Besides, there's some big brother cam pointed up there from somewhere that would put us on someone's fap list. I just said to imagine it." His jean jacket flapped against his belly in the breeze. "Oh, well, I shouldn't think of such things. Father Pascal says that impure thoughts are like a gateway drug to Satan." Mitchell laughed and looked back up at the steel hulk of the Ferris wheel. "And [Read more...]

No Target…Just Aim

It hit the ceiling, I swear it did. I lay back in awe and watched it go straight up in the void of air as though in search of a target in the stucco above. Gravity gave it no nevermind as it went upwards, in search of...there was no target, though. It never has a target. It simply has aim. The aim...the purpose of this shot is mess. Whether it is to be showered on a body, get caught in hair, or something more nefarious...it wants to mess with whatever it lands upon. Perhaps triggered by my hand alone, or by another's hand in company, it rockets out in search of its non-existent fantasy target. That target...the one it craves to coat. Protection from it we seek in sheaths of rubber to wrap that which shoots it, or adding drugs to [Read more...]

BDSM Tale of a Man on a Leash

"What? You think the leash is too much?" Mandy asked with a wide grin. "He's naked," the blonde pointed out. "You don't think that was enough? This is more BDSM than we figured." "No shit, Shirley. It's a CFNM party." Mandy pushed her brunette hair back over her leather-covered shoulder. "Yeah, the leash is more than we expected." Shirley's eyes fell to the man on his hands and knees. "But it's fucking hot. It's like the reins of a horse or..." "...or the leash of a dog." Mandy tugged on the leash. "Bloody right it's hot. Oh, and he has a tongue that never ends." "Oh really?" Shirley giggled. "You'll have to try it out later." Mandy saw the smile turn to glare from Shirley. "What?" "It's a CFNM party. For me to enjoy [Read more...]